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"My dilemma in taking care of my hair was finding a hair oil that either didn't weigh my hair down with a lot of guck, or that paradoxically, didn't dry my hair out. I've frequently made the decision not to oil my locks at all, simply because there was no point! My hair seemed to revolt against these products that promised all kinds of benefits.

You can tell that 'Nu Ade' was made by people who not only understand, but more importantly, love natural hair. It has this wonderful consistency that leaves no build up, but at the same time, leaves my hair shiny and healthy-looking. For once, there is a product that actually DOES what it says it would."

-Gizelle Carr
Graduate Student

God Bless you, your wonderful staff and especially your product. I absolutely love it. I can not live without the oil. I've been recommending it to everyone I know. I've seen tremendous growth in my hair, my daughters, my sisters and their daughters. Yes, the other bottle came in handy and I am eternally grateful. It is obvious there is lots of love that go in every bottle.
- A customer forever!!!!
Kendra Quarles-Graham

"There are many smells in New York City, but the one that makes me happiest is the one I get a whiff of when I pass someone with beautifully kept locs who knows that Nu Ade oil is the best way to maintain them. Since 2003, Nu Ade has been the reason I love doing my hair. And of course it's not just the wonderful scent that keeps me addicted--it's the feeling that I'm doing right by my hair...and the many compliments confirm it!"

-Arin M. Lawrence
Poet, Singer & Development Coordinator

"I was introduced to Nu Ade back in 1988. The scent was in a class by itself back then, and I realized how much moisture hair needs. In 2004, I opened Essentials Beauty and Barber Day Spa, which has put me in a place to care for my clients' hair. Nu Ade provides the moisture that I need to manage my clients hair, and is beautifully scented!"
-Renee Hall,
Salon Owner, Essentials Beauty and Barber Day Spa

"I first learned of Nu Ade while on a quest to find the right hair oil- once and for all. I wanted a product that would moisturize my hair without an oily residue, while providing a unique and pleasant scent. After the first use I was hooked! I have used Nu Ade exclusively on my hair for more than 5 years and have been thoroughly satisfied with the superior quality of this product. "

-A. Akosua Brent-Kirk
Malaria Vaccine Development
"It is very hard for men to find a beauty product that they absolutely love. Since I started using Nu Ade in 2001, it is my number one choice for my hair and body needs. It keeps my hair strong and healthy, regardless of the style or length.
The nice fragrance always has people pausing and questioning what I am wearing. Nu Ade is a essential part of my daily lifestyle."
-William Oaks IV
Film/TV Production Manager