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What are the ingredients of Nu Ade Hair Oils?

The base ingredients in Nu Ade oils are olive oil, peanut oil, castor oil, frankincense and myrrh essential oils to bless your crown, love, and years of experience.

Why should I trust these products?

We realize that in searching for a hair product, there is difficulty determining which one will be best for you. All of our ingredients encompass natural fruit and vegetable extracts, with moisturizing properties, which are very beneficial for healthy hair maintenance. The primary benefit that Nu Ade oils offer are the effectiveness of absorption while delivering moisture. Please refer to the testimonials section where both clients and stylists say that the difference can be felt immediately upon application to the hair.

How are Nu Ade Oils best used?

Nu Ade products facilitate easy maintenance practices. After cleansing and conditioning, one can apply oil directly to the scalp and hair shaft, with massage, for soothing results. In between cleansing schedules or visits to the salon, apply a light amount of Nu Ade every 2-3 days on the scalp and hair shaft to replenish moisture Always shake well!!

How do I determine which oil to use?

Nu Ade hair oils differ with consistency and emollient content. They are recommended for different hair textures based upon the need for moisture. (For example, the super hair oil is usually recommended for locs and thick hair. If you dye your locs, we would recommend the lotion. If your hair texture was very fine and you had locs we would recommend the lite hair oil.) In order to determine which Nu Ade oil will satisfy your needs, first you must identify your hair texture. Hair textures are described as fine, medium, or thick under the categories of straight, curly or wavy. Then refer to our product descriptions page where we explain the uses of each product to make your final decision.

Can Nu Ade be used to stimulate growth?

Nu Ade adds nourishment to the scalp and hair shaft. Sealing in moisture is a major component for healthy hair care, which will initially stimulate growth. Hair growth is dependent on a healthy diet, moisture retention and regular maintenance practices.

What else can I use Nu Ade Oils for?
Nu Ade Oils are most commonly applied directly to the scalp, strands of hair, individual braids, twists, locs, and damaged ends, . The ingredients in Nu Ade are all natural, so the products can also be utilized for skin conditioning, not only in dry winter months, but even on summer evenings, to promote an attractive glow.
Many clients also use Nu Ade to smooth rough skin on the hands, feet, knees and elbows, and still others use the product on their entire body. Nu Ade will saturate both the hair and skin with essential moisture, without leaving a greasy residue, especially when used to soften dry hands. Hands and feet will look younger and more vibrant after a quick hit with Nu Ade!

What is your method of delivery and how fast will I receive my order?

-Orders usually ship via USPS and Fed Ex if requested.
-Once your order ships, you will receive email notification
-Delivery date is usually within 7-10 business days after ordering
-Please be patient with us if your order takes longer for we are a small company and sometimes have back up issues due to suppliers and other various reasons.
-We will always make sure that you receive your orders and will usually accommodate any customer that has been inconvenienced.

What is your most popular offering?
4oz Hair oil and 4oz Super Hair Oil are the most popular selections for 1st time customers. (Repeat customers most often select the 8oz bottles of the above.)
What is the range of prices for your products?
The least expensive product is the 4 oz bottle of hair oil that retails for $14.50 and the most expensive the 8 oz bottle of hair lotion that retails for $35.50