Nu Ade is a salon perfected nourishing hair oil brand created by Natural Hair Pioneer Tulani Kinard. In 1986,Tulani's Regal Movement Salon opened its doors as the First Comprehensive Natural Hair Care Salon in Brooklyn, NY. 
Tulani's book, No Lye!: The African American Woman's Guide to Natural Hair Care published in 1997,can be found on Amazon.com. Nu Ade and No Lye! are extensions of Tulani's legacy in the beauty industry.
Our mission at Nu Ade is to provide products that support healthy hair care along with shifting the ideologies of beauty aesthetics globally.

(Tulani's Regal Movement Salon - Original Business Card)
5.0 out of 5 stars I LOVED THIS BOOK!, July 5, 2012

By Quadma69 "Quadma" (CT, USA) Amazon Verified Purchase

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No Lye: The African American Woman's Guide To Natural Hair Care (Paperback)

I did the big chop March 2012 and the ONLY way I have learned to take care of my natural hair is via the internet and youtube until I decided to buy some books from AMAZON. I purchased 12 books (NO LIE!) and NO Lye! was the first book I purchased and when I say out of the 12 books No Lye was and is the best It really is no lie! This book covered everything and opened my eyes and hair. I could barely put this book down and will continue to make it a staple regarding my natural hair care.
Nu Ade Hair Oils

Nu Ade (pronounced New Ah-DAY) meaning “New Crown” in the Nigerian Yoruba language is a salon perfected natural formula of Peanut, Olive, and Castor oils. This formula is FREE of silicones, mineral oil and petroleum, which create a greasy build up because they coat the hair without penetrating the hair shaft.

Nu Ade Hair Oils are designed to penetrate your follicles and cuticles supporting the natural sebum and ceramide lipids that lubricate your scalp and hair.  This fatty solution assists with retaining hydration and protects your hair from debris creating greater elasticity for manageability and detangling. Its nourishing and moisture characteristics with natural oils enables your scalp to restore its health, thereby eliminating conditions such as dry itch, and flakiness.

Nu Ade Healthy Hair Care Usage:

Scalp Oil

Hot Oil Treatment

Oil Rinse

Deep Condition

Natural Heat Protection

Loc-Style Conditioner

Nu Ade maintains the health of your hair restoring vitality and lubrication making your strands easier to manipulate with styling.  Your crown will always reflect a healthy and beautiful sheen when using Nu Ade Hair Oils.


-         3 Oils that differ in consistency based upon hair texture

-         Rich with antioxidants, antibacterial properties, humectants & EFA’s

-         Silicone, Mineral Oil, and Petroleum Free

-          Strengthens hair to help prevent breakage

-          Stimulates hair growth with consistent use

-          Softens Hair with styling to leave a sheen and non- greasy

-          Improves moisture retention, elasticity and manageability for detangling


  *Unscented is also available upon request.

Today, Nu Adé Hair Oils are loved by many and continue to provide a solution for replenishing moisture naturally one crown at a time!

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